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Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime.  People who have had their identity stolen can spend thousands of dollars and hours trying to clean up the mess by thieves.  Do you know that you can be denied education loans, housing or cars and may even lose out on job opportunities with negative information on your credit report?  The damage, loss, and stress is considerable.

There is no guarantee that you won't become a victim of identity theft but we can give you the knowledge and the tools to help you deter it.

At home:

While you are out:

Through information left out in the home (or at work) and stolen by family, friends or guests.

Lost or stolen wallet or purse

Through dumpster diving by crooks looking for unshredded paperwork that contained personal information

Through "shoulder surfing" someone looking over someone's shoulder to obtain personal information

Through theft of your mail from your mailbox or diversion of your mail by a crook changing the address to obtain your accounts

Card skimming, when someone illegally records an imprint of your credit or debit card information for later use

Through a business you use:

By trickery or pretense

Security data breach where personal information has been compromised

Though phishing, someone pretends to be a bank or trusted company and tricks you into providing confidential personal information via emails, calls or text messages.

Computer hacking, such as Trojan horses, keylogger software, viruses or malware/spyware/

Through social networking sites where personal information can be found

These are only a few ways that personal information can be obtained but there are always new innovative ways that are being developed.

To help you understand identity theft, your rights and what to do if you are a victim, we have accumulated a list of important websites including a downloadable booklet, Taking Charge,  from the Federal Trade Commission with all the immediate steps you need to take if you are a victim.

Annual Credit Reports:

Annual Credit Report

Informational Links:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
FTC Identity Theft
FTC Helpful Contact Information
Internal Revenue Service
Social Security Administration
United States Department of Justice
Connecticut Judicial Law Libraries

Resource Documents:

FTC Step by Step Recovery Procedures
FTC Reporting Identity Theft - Get Started
FTC Reporting Identity Theft -Sample Letters


Additional Resources:

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